The Power of Freedom in Payment Technology.

Sooner or Later, Most Payment Technology Feels Like This.

Payment tech that’s easy to get into can be hard to get out of. Too many merchants learn this the hard way. They become dependent on a PCI compliant solution from a payment service provider, only to find that as they begin to grow, their payment partner will not allow them to scale or secure alternate processing without a penalty. Worse, many find that their payment provider has a powerful grip on their mobility: they control their customers’ tokenized card data. Unwinding this scenario can be painful and expensive, so many merchants stay in relationships that are poorly aligned with their own interests.

Paytheos Sets You Free.

Paytheos makes PCI compliant payments easy, whether you’re starting up or moving on. Our powerful API integrates in minutes and brings with it all the tools you need to manage transaction data securely and effortlessly with no programming requirements and no processing constraints.

One powerful API that rules payment chaos.

  • Instant PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance without processing constraints
  • Fully integrated tokenization, authentication and gateway connection
  • Integrates in minutes with no programming requirements
  • Moves tokenized card data effortlessly, across any gateway, to any processor
  • Invokes disruption-free authentication effortlessly, for reduced interchange rates and shifted transaction liability

Paytheos puts you in control of your payment universe.

Take control of your payment universe.

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