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The Midian Merchant Plug In All the Benefits of 3dSecure None of the Hang-ups
3DSecure: The only CNP fraud solution that lowers interchange.
Midian3D: 3D Secure that works for you. Now
Visa and MasterCard Direct Certified
Senior level engineering experience inside a major card network
Innovative architecture for unprecedented integration ease and scalability
No disruption at checkout
Safer, more profitable transactions - Increased volume potential
Solving Problems - Increasing Profit
Qualifiy CNP transactions
Shift Liability to card issuing bank
Preempt up to 85% of "friendly fraud" chargebacks
Lower interchange rates 10bps-65bps
No disruption at check-out
ISO Focused - Merchant Friendly
Platform based
Micro plugin API
Easy integration
Onboard 1000's of merchants in minutes